Walls & Bones

Walls & Bones is a work in progress oldschool grid-based dungeon crawler.

You are a warrior, you want to destroy the source of evil. Equip your club and go challenge the dungeon's creatures.

  • An easy to learn combat system allowing to immediately enjoy the game!
  • Explore floor by floor a new dungeon on each run to get ready for the terrific final challenge!
  • A liberty first designed talent tree encouraging experimental builds!
  • Dozens of equipment pieces and magic items to find!
  • Gather magic scrolls to unleash powerfull magic!

Currently Work In Progress

Release date to be announced.

About Us

Gembasher Studio is a French video game studio specialized in virtual reality. After the release of Wardens of the Amber Cage in March 2019, they are currently working on an indoor virtual reality multiplayer animation in Toulouse: The Courtyard.

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