Crazy Factory VR

Crazy Factory VR is a bunch of silly virtual reality mini-games in an automated robotic factory.

You are a robot working in a factory directed by an artificial intelligence. Your tasks are nonsense and your supervisor seems to hide something. Carve shoeds, pair luggaes, punch pickaxes and uncover the truth !

  • Play 10 mini-games in virtual reality!
  • Unlock dozens of robots and devices in the factory!
  • Enjoy more than 300 funny sentences by a lonely artificial intelligence!
  • Reveal mysterious secrets about the factory operation!

Currently Work In Progress

Release date to be announced.

About Us

Gembasher Studio is a French video game studio specialized in virtual reality. After the release of Wardens of the Amber Cage in March 2019, they are currently working on an indoor virtual reality multiplayer animation in Toulouse: The Courtyard.

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